Proven in jungle warfare against the Japanese imperial military during World War II, Bahala Na Martial Arts has a rare story to tell to the martial arts community.


Call: 949-677-7957  or Email: 


Weekly Classes:

Tuesday 7:30-9:00

Wednesday 6:30-8:00, 8:00-9:30pm

Saturday by Appointment 9-noon


$160 month/ ALL

$120 month/ ONE CLASS PER WEEK

$40 per class drop in *

*Try a class anytime for free

Semi private 2 hr up to 4 students taught in Irvine $400, (in Southern California $450)

Private $400 (minimum 10 sessions) plus travel room & board



Class Equipment List

Level 1

2 Rattan Escrima Sticks 28" long

1 Rattan 'Defondo' Stick, 24" to 26" long

Level 2

1 Aluminum Trainer Blade (sword)

Level 3/4

Sparring gear: Fencing mask, 2 hockey gloves, Soft Stick, Red Handled Plastic Bolos, Atienza Polymer Trainers  

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Book a seminar or camp with Master Kirk McCune.

$1600 one day

$2500 two day 

-plus travel room & board 


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