Called Bahala Na®, meaning “come what may”, Giron® Arnis Escrima / Bahala Na® Martial Arts is a Filipino/American martial art of self defense created by Grand Master Emeritus Leo M Giron, an original “bladed warrior” and a true WWII Hero.  The Giron® System is a proven fighting system based on edged weapon combatives.  The Giron® System is composed of 20 styles including sword, stick, knife and empty hand techniques applicable to many aspects of survival for modern life.

Our wish is to guide students through the essential elements of this effective and combat proven system and to offer insight into the rich Filipino/ American culture and history that was given to us by GME Giron and Grand Master Tony Somera of Stockton California.  

Authorized training in Giron® Arnis Escrima / Bahala Na® Martial Arts will be helpful to anyone interested in preserving their precious life, and the lives of others.  It is a rewarding martial art providing the benefit of physical and mental conditioning, self defense strategies and insight into modern warrior culture. 

Master Kirk McCune


Our Mission

To promote, promulgate, and support students and instructors in the Bahala Na Martial Arts. To faithfully preserve the spirit, ethics, and teachings of Grand Master Emeritus Leo M. Giron and Grand Master Tony Somera.