Master Kirk McCune Bahala Na December 12, 2017 interviewed by Guro Frank Buechner - Part 5

How should we preserve Grand Master Giron’s legacy?


— train the art as he directed using his prescribed methodology and you cannot go wrong. The art gives back to you tenfold to what you give. Also strive to be a good citizen, Father, son brother,sister, Mother or friend. And tell the stories of his heroism and sacrifices for his community and for us.


How do you see the role of Giron Arnis Escrima in an increasingly technology-based society?

— Sharp edges cut now like they did from the dawn of time. This old blade technology pre-dates and supersedes the modern world. As long as mankind engages in life there will be a space for competent, high-level bladed combatives. Men fight with weapons and real fights tend to get up close. 

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Blade training hones combative attributes including hand eye coordination, speed, distancing, agility, timing and intention within the practitioner. Consistent training grows fortitude and discipline. Bladed training is a legacy warrior pathway toward essential understanding. In this way bladed training is a force multiplier preparing the student to overcome violent attacks of all types; but specifically machete and knife attacks,up to multiple opponent attacks, which are rising in the world.

Blade training demands you accept that danger exists and that it can happen to you. Acceptance becomes the foundational core of spiritual fitness and allows the practitioner to take proactive steps towards self protection. To protect yourself and your family is the essence of the warrior legacy inherent in the bladed arts and is available to all of us. The sharp blade will cut out the modern fantasy that nothing bad can happen because nothing bad has happened in the past. 

Blade training creates strong people. 



Personal power gained through positive deeds will always have a place in the real world. 

What do you consider upcoming challenges for Giron Arnis Escrima?

—whatever the challenge may be me, Master Joel Juanitas, the Guros, graduates, students, and the members of our BahalaNation family and allies will meet them with a laugh and a pure heart. 

Part 5 of 5

Mind-set. Skill-set. Applied Intent. 

Tempering the Body and Mind; Positioning the Spirit and Will; Adapt and Do.

Bahala Na! Come What May